Discovery a New form of graphene multilayer semi-metal

Properties “Semi-metal Graphene”: Nanostructured pure carbon

  • Such material is a semi-rigid film (like a new metal)
  • The film thickness can be controlled
  • The films have a very high electrical conductivity greater than pure metals and highly conductive
  • The films had a specular reflectance of 100% (visible region)
  • The films have thermal conductivities close to those of pure metal conductors
  • Useful high temperature
  • Chemical inert

    Low production cost and simple manufacturing process and high for large production of material.

Industrial potential is very important for this new material and particularly in the following areas:
Nanotechnology, Semiconductor, super capacitor, laser, fuel cell, energy, micro technology, mechanical, food, optics, biotechnology, medical, electrochemistry …

semi-metal pure carbon