During a series of experiments under certain non-ambient conditions, we have determined a technique for the production of what appears to be very homogeneous, defect free, and large surface area graphite sheets.  The material is easily produced in 5-10cm² surface area ranges on small laboratory sample supports.  Tests on larger supports  are positive, and it is anticipated that we will be able to produce arbitrarily large sheets of this material under relatively simple production conditions.
Separation of graphene monolayers from the large area surface by traditional methods can be effected, and due to several special properties of the new material, we are confirming other isolation methods of large surface single graphene sheets.
The importance of this new macro form of homogeneous graphite is that it provides a source of large, well-ordered material which exhibits the maximum advantageous properties of graphite/graphene in a form that can be used in non-microscopic production environments.  While the allotrope itself is not new, the physical form of the new material itself defines its presently-defined and potential usefulness; the advantages of very high purity graphite/graphene with large surface area homogeneous molecular structure are well appreciated, but heretofore practically impossible to produce.

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